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RichTree Capital


We are a self-managed investing firm with 10+ year tradition

RichTree Switzerland

We run a self managed multi-instrument fund (t.m. we only invest and trade our own money) with a passion for trading and investing. We are in the business since 2009. Our aim is to create perfectly balanced portfolios.

“Condi was there every step of the way, solidated the company, and and brought it further than we could have imagined.”

Mark W. StupkaRichTree Founder


Follow condi strategy with no exceptions.

Whatever happens in the markets, always follow the rules.


Always respect RT money management.

Even the world’s best strategy is useless without MM.


Keep your emotions under strict control.

Remember – your emotions are your biggest enemies.


responsible investing 

responsible investing 

responsible investing 

driving the change 

driving the change 

driving the change 

RICHTREE - Sustainable Green Investing